Ultimate Polymer

Series 3000

Better—and cheaper—than photo polymer!
After producing thousands of photo-polymer signs for more than 15 years, Diskey developed the ULTIMATE POLYMER™ sign. Because photo-polymer is etched using water, later exposure to water will ruin the sign after only a few minutes (we have also seen many failures with “exterior grade” photo-polymer” after exposure to the elements.)

Several years ago Diskey had to replace all the signs in a school when the air conditioning failed in August (all the carpet and drywall had to be replaced, too.) Diskey solved the problem by using a specialized water resistant polymer and a new manufacturing process to create a new waterproof sign—the DISKEY ULTIMATE POLYMER™.

DID YOU KNOW? For years, photo-polymer Braille dots have been problematic? Federal ADA regulations require Grade 2 Braille dots to be spherical in shape increasing the readability and less irritation for the user. Photo-polymer cannot produce a spherical Braille dot. Why? The UV exposure, water etched process can only create a flat Braille dot. In an attempt to round the Braille, manufacturers hand sand the edges of each dot or allow drops of paint to dry on top of the flat dot. DISKEY ULTIMATE POLYMER™ are 100% guaranteed to have FDA compliant, spherical Braille dots.

We submerged our original DISKEY ULTIMATE POLYMER™ sign in a fish bowl full of water in March 2011. More than three years later, and still submerged in water, our original signs have no physical damage.

Removable Inserts ▪ Subsurface Engraving with Paint Filled Graphics ▪ Subsurface or Surface Digitally Printed Graphics ▪ Thicker Material ▪ Separate, Oversized or Custom Shaped Backers ▪ Specialty Trim and Accents

Complimentary Signage Available INCLUDE:
Way-Finding ▪ Directories ▪ Ceiling Signs ▪ Flag Mount Signs ▪ Document Holders ▪ and More…

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