Series 5000

Named after Diskey customer, Gratiot Hospital in Alma, Michigan.
These .22” thick backer signs are laminated with two contrasting high pressure .22” thick faces, raised letters and Grade II Braille dots. An unlimited variety of window options, shapes, sizes, colors and finished are available. Diskey offers hundreds of laminate design options and proudly distributes Formica, Pionite, Wilson Art and Chem Metal laminates.
Removable Inserts ▪ Subsurface Engraving with Paint Filled Graphics ▪ Subsurface or Surface Digitally Printed Graphics ▪ Thicker Material ▪ Separate, Oversized or Custom Shaped Backers ▪ Specialty Trim and Accents

Complimentary Signage Available INCLUDE:
Way-Finding ▪ Directories ▪ Ceiling Signs ▪ Flag Mount Signs ▪ Document Holders ▪ and More…

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